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Sell Your investment property Fast in CONNECTICUT

Lots of investors are looking to get started in real estate, and for some investors it’s time to think about “selling my investment property”. We are active real estate experts in Connecticut, and we buy investment properties in Connecticut.

Looking to Sell Your Investment Property In CT?

Selling Your Rental Property Fast In Connecticut | AS-IS | No-Fees


Do you want to sell your investment property in Connecticut and you feel reluctant because of the situation? Maybe you have non paying tenants or the property needs repairs. We can help you sell your investment property now. Fill out our investor form below to get your free no obligation offer.

“Help! My Last Tenant Trashed My Connecticut House”

If you own a rental property in CT but had a tenant trash it when they left then make sure you read this article because we’re addressing the all-too-common problem that landlords have when they say, “Help! My last tenant trashed my Connecticut house!”

Is This Your Situation? Read On…

Do you own a rental property in Connecticut? Did you have a tenant leave it in less-than-perfect condition? It happens! In fact, it’s an experience that probably every landlord has faced at least once. If you looked at your empty rental property and said, “Help! My tenant trashed my Connecticut house” then here are some things you can do about it…

Is it worth going after the tenant?

You need to first assess the damage and decide if it’s worth going after the tenant. Unfortunately, it often isn’t worth the hassle because it may be a time consuming and even expensive effort to get the tenant to pay you back. However, if the damage is significant enough, you may choose to do this.

Is it worth repairing the damage?

dilapidated-houseFrom holes in the walls to missing toilets – we’ve heard of just about everything you can imagine! Sometimes a bit of drywall and paint will fix the problem, in which case you may want to fix it up and rent it out again, and then just accept the inconvenience as the cost of doing business. However, if the damage is not worth repairing yourself then you might be interested in a couple of other options:

You could rent your house to a handyman

One little-known option that is actually really helpful is to find a handyman who wants to rent the house. In exchange for a discount on rent (or even free rent) they can fix up the house for you to make it a nice rental property again. Make sure you have a timeline all spelled out, though, to avoid then staying too long without a lot of work getting done.

You could Sell Your CT Rental Property

Another option is to sell the rental Property and move on from owning a frustrating rental property. However, be aware that if you try to sell the house on the open market, you may have to fix it up first in order for the agent to list it. Another option is to sell privately to a house-buying team like ours. (We buy houses in as-is condition and we’ll fix them up ourselves).

To “Sell my Rental Property Fast” and get a fair cash offer, no matter what condition it’s in, just get in touch with us and we’ll give you a no-obligation offer and we can even buy your property from you fast. Click here now and fill out the form or call our office at (203)-513-9672 and we’ll get back to you right away.

Sell my investment property in connecticutWe Buy Investment Property throughout Connecticut from local investors looking to get out of investing. We even buy investment property that may have been inherited and family members just don’t have time to deal with investing in real estate.

But the info below walks you through some ways you can put to action to find great properties to add to your investment portfolio.

Most investors are looking for top dollar – they think other investors are not willing to pay top dollar.

That’s not how we work. We work with other investors to accomplish things together that we can’t do alone.

We share our learning and our philosophies here because we want to improve the quality of investment in Connecticut to build stronger communities. Ultimately, we’re all investing in the same places, so it makes sense to do it right.

There’s a few core principles that are important to understand if you want to “Sell My Investment Property”  

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First, think of your situation. Do you need to sell your investment property Fast?

How fast do you need to sell your Connecticut investment property. Selling Your Rental Property is unlike selling a stock in the market, investment properties can’t be unloaded in a few seconds with a click of your mouse.. Or Maybe it can.

The time between the decision to sell and the actual date of sale is often measured in weeks or months. Real estate is all about the numbers and we work with people all the time to create a win-win situation that benefits both of us. 

That’s why it’s a great idea to find to research all your options when thinking of selling your investment property in Connecticut.

Second, focus on your needs and the outcome.

The investment community in Connecticut is much smaller than most people think.

There are only a handful of brokers and investors who conduct most of the business in the market. Building strong long term relationships is a must. Even if you have a rental property with tenants in it.

we are used to working with investors and people looking to sell there investment properties. Even if there’s tenants in place already. Non paying tenants are not a problem. We have systems in place to deal with all kinds of situations.sell your rental property in Connecicut fast

It may even be a case of a property that is losing money, either through vacancy or not enough rent to cover the expenses. Regardless of the reason, investors looking to sell there investment property fast have options. If you have six months to wait and list your investment property with an agent you may be able to get a better price, but if you need to sell fast let us give you an offer.

Why You should sell.

  • Your not an investor and you don’t want to own the property you inherited.
  • Your Investment is generating negative cash flow.
  • It’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  • You need the money to invest elsewhere.
  • You made the money you wanted and now it’s time to get out.

What ever the reason for selling your investment property – We can get you out FAST.

Investments are like many other aspects of life – the people who are the most focused often succeed the most. You have to find your niche. Some people make millions just in parking garages or storage units. We focus solely on real estate and work hard every day to make it work.

We specialize in small multifamily investment properties and small apartment buildings. If you have an investment property in Connecticut and your looking to sell we would like to speak with you and go over your situation to see if it fits our buying criteria and benefits both of us. We are a cash buyer and we don’t use local banks in most cases to buy investment property so that means we can close fast.

Selling an investment property especially with tenants in place can be a lot of work. We have simplified the process and make it quick & simple to sell fast.

Let Clifford Group give you a fair cash offer on your CT Investment property.

Here is a great article with some key points on when to sell an investment property.  If all signs point to selling and you need to sell that investment property fast or in the near future shoot us a message by filling out the form below and we will be in touch soon.

Sell Your Investment Property - Submit Your Property Info Below

... to receive a fair all cash offer and to download our free guide.
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 Since 2009 we have been providing creative real estate solutions. We buy houses in New Haven and middlesex county.. and pay Top Dollar, fast.  If you’re busy like most of us and don’t have the time necessary to fix that house and prepare it for sale on the market.. Then our family team may a solution to help you sell your house fast. We Own and manage rental property in New Haven CT and we know how to deal with investment properties

Sell that investment property in Connecticut now. We would love to give you an all CASH OFFER.

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