How To Sell My House Fast In Connecticut

You have options and selling your house fast in CT does not have to be a hassle 

Listing with a local agent will afford you the ease of using a professional but not all realtors are created equal. 

Here at we have created some great resources to help you. 

How To Sell My House Fast Connecticut | No Fees | No Commissions

You are unlikely to have a real estate agents first hand knowledge of the local market if your selling your house yourself in CT. You can easily lose money by undervaluing your house or not sell at all by overvaluing Your home.

Selling Your House Fast In Connecticut – Your Options 

Lets get into it..

Sell My House Myself – With An Agent – Or To A Cash Buyer?

This may not sound difficult and for most people taking on the challenge is nothing new. Have you ever made any minor repairs around your house to save a few bucks. Maybe fixed a leaky faucet, changed a smoke detector, Tile a bathroom or attempting to cut your kids hair with the flowbee from 1986 it exists google it! If you put your mind to it and do the research anything is possible. So is Selling your CT home yourself any different? We asked a few retired realtors in Connecticut.

This is what they had to say..

Realtor-Fees-And-Commissions-In-CTRealtor Fees & Commissions?

If the market is right and your not in a big rush to sell then.. Maybe selling your house yourself is a good idea. Typically the 6% commission is split between the buyers and sellers agent. For a $300,000 dollar house in Connecticut that would be $18,000 bucks for the commission. That’s a lot of coffee runs. Well if you sell it yourself and your buyer has an agent you will need to give the buyers agent $9,000. Your still going to save $9,000 which is not to bad. If your buyer does not have a realtor chances are they know about the 6% commission and will immediately offer you 6% less. If you take off the 6% commission when pricing your house you can justify the below market value of your house by telling buyers you already discounted the house.

Upgrades To Avoid That Will Turn Off Buyers

Can You Be Firm When Negotiating?

Most realtors will only want to show a home to pre-screened and approved buyers. Makes Sense they do work crazy hours showing houses to picky buyers. Do you have time to show your house to everyone and there mother. One scheme a realtor told me about involved people (Robbers) walking through a house taking mental notes of all the nice expensive items that they can come back and steal later. Besides when they walked the property you probably weren’t home so they already know when your not there.

My Point.. You need to be prepared to say NO to people. If that makes you uncomfortable then maybe selling your house yourself is not for you.

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How Much Is My CT House Worth – Some Technical Stuff..

  • The Assessed value. What it is and isn’t. 

This number may be several years old and in most cases does not represent a true value on your house. This is the amount your town or city uses when calculating your property taxes in Connecticut. If you would like to look it up in Connecticut most towns have that information available on the the Vision Appraisal data base. If you have not been reassessed after the real estate crash in 2009 you should get that done. Just call your local tax assessor. Chances are they have already done this but some smaller CT towns have limited resources

  • The Appraised Value.

If your looking for an appraised value you can have a professional appraiser do this. Make sure to tell them this is going to be the price you use to sell your house. They will have to come to the property and do there research. Keeping everything clean and clutter free and help with your overall appraisal number. They are going to pull comps (Recently sold houses) in your area. You are looking for at least 3 sold houses in your neighborhood to get an accurate comp. Don’t Worry if there are not any chances are there are houses under contract with offers and they can use that info as well to come back to you with an accurate appraisal.

  • Your market Value.

Well how much are you willing to pay. Ever fall in love with something and have to have it. Been there done that and i have over payed for real estate by falling in love. If you get an appraisal and feel it does not represent a fair value and you have taken into consideration the commission you may have have a realtor do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) On your home if you choose to list with a local realtor.

Be Careful Here..

Most buyers will want a move in ready house without having to spend any money or time out of there lives. You need to look at your neighborhood and whats for sale to get an idea of who your competitors are. you can do a quick search on in your neighborhood to see what’s selling. Look at the photos. Your house needs to be as good if not better then there’s. Be careful with renovations some can cost you more than what you will get in return. I have seen people renovate bathrooms using materials and colors they thought looked good but they forgot to do what pleases the masses.

What Needs to Be Done to Sell Your House Fast In CT?

Your home is your castle, and you probably think it’s perfect. Who wouldn’t want to buy it? Well, to be honest… most homes need a little prep before listing.

Curb Appeal Is Key..

Don’t just have all your prospects just do drive buys because you don’t have any curb appeal. Sometimes it’s something that isn’t your fault, But most of the time, it’s one of these common factors:

  • lawn and landscaping not well maintained
  • Dirty windows
  • Cluttered porch and driveway
  • Peeling paint
  • Obvious roof damage
  • Tacky or dated colors
  • Damaged or missing siding, trim or rain gutter
  • Broken concrete in the driveway, walk or porch

We all know about about first impressions right? If you make a poor first impression, you probably won’t get the sale. It’s really that simple. You need to help potential buyers imagine themselves living in your home because you have the best product on the market. Here are some great tips

sell your house fast in Connecticut

So Is listing your house with an agent your best option?

In some cases yes.. Listing with an agent can be your best option if you have time to wait and are willing to enter into a contract. What if you had another option. Instead of listing your house with an agent you could sell your house fast sometimes within a week or even on the date you choose. We have but together a great page with the benefits of selling your house to a professional home buyer. Here they are SHHH..

10 things realtors don’t want you to know

Sell My CT House To An Investor Or List With An Agent
Listing Vs Selling To A Cash Buyer

There are many reasons to sell your home for cash using a CT cash home buyer

You are less likely to have your sale fall through and there’s no need to wait for a buyer to bring you an offer, get a mortgage, have an inspection and hopefully not get cold feet. With a Cash Buyer yes you will get a little lower offer on your house but if time is of the essence and you need to sell your house fast because of a change in your situation or life we may be able to help. Most cash buyers will do a free market analysis and give you all the facts about your house including what your house is worth. Here at Clifford Group we are totally transparent with our simple Step-By-Step system we use to make offers and buy houses in Connecticut.


Cash is always king with any real estate deal… Yes you will get a little less of any offer but no need to make any repairs or wait for a buyer to find you. If your looking to sell your house fast maybe we can help.

Here are a few tips when your looking to sell your house fast in Connecticut..

Protect yourself

When you do line up that cash buyer and receive a offer that is except-able and meets your needs , you’ll want proof of funds from the cash buyer before you agree to anything. All Cash home buyers are not created equal. Unfortunately some cash buyers do not have your best interests in mind. Here at Clifford Group we look to create a Win-Win solution for both us and the seller. If the deal does not work for you and us we simply won’t do the deal.

When we buy houses our intent is to repair and resell properties. 

Yes, cash is king in a real estate deal if you’re on the receiving end. You may get a little less for your property, but you can avoid costly repairs and other complications while enjoying speed, convenience and less paperwork (and worry) in the process. No need to wait for a realtor to find you a buyer.


Benefits of using a cash buyer when looking to sell my house fast in Connecticut

If time is not on your side and you need to sell your house fast.
Read Below some key benefits of selling your house fast to a local professional home buyer.

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  • Get Your House Sold Quickly

Since your house will be bought using cash and no banks are involved delaying the process. Most real estate investors can close fast in as little as 7 days. As a cash buyer we are always flexible on the closing date because we have the cash available  to close this week or next month if that’s the time you need to sell your house.

  • No Repairs or Fees

Repairs can be costly especially if you hire them out to a local professional. Most home buyers will want a move in ready home and will require any repairs be done prior to buying your home. Depending on the condition of a home financing may not be available and may cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to make those repairs before selling your home on the market.

  • Skip the hassle of cleaning and making your home buyer ready

Keeping your house clean and free of clutter even removing all the items in your home like pictures and family items to make your home look more appealing to buyers can be a huge hassle. And the best Part.. There’s no need to have people walk through your house on a regular basis and especially on the weekends.

  • You are Able to Avoid those Realtor Fees
When you sell your home to a professional home buyer for cash, you don’t have to pay commission for a real estate agent, which is typically 6%. With a professional home buyer you pay ZERO fees. You don’t have to worry about inspection costs, closing costs, seller concessions, allowances, or any other fees or commissions.

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